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Assessment Process

A psychological assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism Assessment) is a formal information gathering process designed to evaluate a child’s behaviour, strengths, and needs for the purpose of diagnosis, setting goals, and recommending treatment. 



1 hour information gathering session with parents/guardians. Held virtually with psychologist. 


Video Review

Optional review of home videos (30-60 minutes total length) using the Systematic Observation of Red Flags for ASD


Testing Session(s)

The administration of psychological measures to measure a child's abilities and behaviours in an objective manner. 


Feedback Session

1 hour virtual meeting conducted by the psychologist 2-3 weeks after the testing sessions are complete.  



A comprehensive summary of the assessment findings, including personalized recommendations. For use by your child's team at your discretion (e.g. to assist in the IEP process. Follows feedback session in 4-6 weeks.  


Follow up

Optional follow up sessions with our friendly and knowledgeable administrative assistant and/or psychologist to ensure you get access to the services you need. 

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